Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets!

The Meallogix Platform automates your entire meal prep business allowing you to generate more sales and delight your customers. 

meallogix platform
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Tired of Using Spreadsheets to Manage Your Business? 

meallogix platform

All In One Platform

Meallogix is an All-in-One Platform that removes inefficiencies and all unneeded manual processes in your business. 

It centralizes all of your processes into one easy to use platform by connecting and digitizing critical business processes between you and your customers, food distributors and 3rd party delivery companies and just about everything in-between.  

Finally, one platform to manage your entire Meal Prep business.  

Meallogix Features

Welcome to the future of meal prep.

The first all in one platform that simplifies and automates 80% of your manual process. 

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Recipe Costing & Conversion

Meallogix’ platform integrates with dozens of 3rd party shopping carts and automatically pulls customers’ meal orders from your shopping cart converting our online orders into the precise quantity of ingredients needed to be purchased – all within seconds! 

Ever wonder what your actual costs are for a recipe? With our Recipe Costing software, you will know exactly the cost of every menu item you are offering, with exact precision!  

Delivery Integration

Delivery Integration

With Meallogix you never have to worry about managing your deliveries, logistics, routing or labor again. 

Our platform integrates directly with our exclusive partners DoorDash, Postmates and Dropoff giving you a delivery network that connects you with more than 98% of the US population. Eliminating one of the most common problems meal prep companies face while growing.

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Save Money on your Ingredients

Save Money on your Ingredients

Are you paying too much for your ingredients and kitchen supplies? We can help. With our partners, Meallogix has $13B+ of annual spend with the major food vendors providing you with massive savings on the same ingredients you are already purchasing. 

Plus, get your ingredients delivered right to your kitchen doorstep.  

Online Ingredient Ordering 

No more driving to the store, searching through the aisles to buy your ingredients and kitchen supplies. 

Order all your ingredients and kitchen supplies online with the click of a button and have them delivered directly to your kitchen’s doorstep. 

Online Ingredient Ordering 

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Imagine having one place to view the economics of your Meal Prep Business. Meallogix enables you to view critical metrics and financial data that matter most to your company. Meallogix provides clear insight to the financial health of your business via easy-to-understand / customizable reporting dashboards.

USDA Labeling 

Meallogix connects directly to the USDA database giving you a full ingredient list, allergens and dietary items. Now you can print off your client orders and easily attach them to USDA Nutritional information in minutes. 

Integration into USDA Database
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Introducing: MealLogix - The world's most efficient meal prep software

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