Back-End Kitchen OS™

Increase your productivity, automate processes, all while reducing costs across your business

Recipes, Meals, & Menus

Add and scale recipes, build meals and menus, understand costs, and plan your schedule

Shopping & Prep Lists

Know exactly how much you need to purchase and prep ahead of cooking

Labels & Delivery Logistics

Print USDA-based nutrition labels, and schedule your pick ups and deliveries

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Say Goodbye to Manual Processes with our Kitchen OS™

Automate your back-of-house processes and focus on growing your business with these features:

Powerful Insights Dashboard

Our robust dashboard provides vital insights into the health of your business at a glance, including weekly sales, week-over-week performance, customer acquisition, meal profitability, expenses versus revenue, and more.

Meals are Easy to Create with 750K+ FDA Approved Ingredients Available

Our platform allows you to quickly combine recipes and ingredients to create meals in seconds! USDA nutritional facts are calculated automatically, providing vital information for your customers and removing a huge weight off your shoulders.

Accurate Shopping Lists & Smart Prep Lists

Our Shopping List convertor breaks down every single order you receive into an exact list of ingredients you have to shop for while also accounting for waste yield. Know which items to prep, how much, and which method using our smart prep lists.

Meal Packages & Custom Meal Plan Subscriptions

Easily drag and drop dishes to create a variety of meal packages that suit the diverse needs of your clients. Create custom packages to allow your users to create subscriptions to choose new meals every week!

Plan Your Recipes to Cook & Meals to Make

Your list of recipes to cook and meals to make for the day tell you which recipes are ready to cook, and which meals are ready to package. Use statuses and dependencies to inform everyone in the kitchen of the progression of each item!

Meal Delivery Logistics

Our platform knows what meals your clients have purchased and their final destination. Once your meals are packed and ready, deliver them yourself or Meallogix can assist with delivery partners to handle the routes, and pick-up & delivery times.

Quickly Create Beautiful FDA-approved Labels

Pick your label color, add reheating instructions, and have labels ready to print as soon as your customer's orders are placed with your branding, meal nutritional information, ingredients, and allergens.

any more questions?
Do I need coding skills to use the shopping cart?

No, absolutely not! It's easy to set up the cart, you just need access to your website hosting provider and we'll walk you through the rest. You can get running with just a few clicks.

Do I need a website or can you provide me one?

You can either run your business by directing all your traffic directly to your Meallogix subdomain link, or you can have a full website that directs your traffic to your Meallogix shopping cart. We also have partners for website creation services. Contact your customer success representative for more information.

How do I mask my Meallogix shopping cart subdomain under my business domain URL?

Go to your DNS provider and create a CNAME record pointing to your meallogix subdomain URL

How long does it take to start selling?

Onboarding can take anywhere from 48 hours to 2 weeks. The more organized you are the easier it is to input your data and get your meals live on your Meallogix shopping cart! We also offer data migration services for a low cost. Contact your customer success representative for more information.

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