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A shopping cart built for the meal prep industry

Link Your Website

Direct your website and social profiles to shop on your personalized Meallogix subdomain

Offer Meals, Packages & Subscription Plans

Build out your meals and packages to be sold in your store a la carte or on subscriptions

Go Live in a Few Hours

Take your shopping cart live in hours, not days or weeks, and start generating sales now

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Complete E-commerce Solution

Check out our complete customer experience when they purchase meals and packages from your site:

Meal Shopping Made Easy

Use our shopping cart and save time getting your site live. Direct your customers to the Meallogix hosted menu and cart from your current website and social profiles. Sales are one-click away.

Secure Shopping Cart and Coupon Codes

Secure payment processor integrations power the shopping cart and discount codes are easy to redeem with no limit to how many you can create!

Be Flexible with One-time Orders & Subscriptions

Convenient for your customers and important for your business, our subscription feature makes it easy for your client-base to sign up once, and subscribe for meals on a weekly or monthly basis.

Enjoy a Huge Variety of Meal Types

Stay competitive by offering a wide variety of meal types for your customers, such as standard meals and packages. Utilize our custom meals and packages to let your customers curate the exact meal they want.

Customize Meal Options

Showcase allergies, offer different sizes, and more with all of our meal types. Use our easy meal builder to combine recipes together for more flexible options to sell!

View Nutritional Information

Now your customers can instantly see detailed meal descriptions with clear nutrition content and allergens.

Easily Sort Meals Through Categories and Tags

You can have smart categories for easy menu browsing, so your customers can search by different meal types such as vegetarian, keto, paleo, you name it!

Accept Customer Payments From Major Card Processors

We’re quickly expanding our the payment types we accept for faster checkout experiences and one-click purchasing.

Use Multiple Pick Up Locations

Most meal prep companies want to offer their clients the convenience of several pick up locations. With our shopping cart, your clients can pick up wherever you’d like, be it a gym, corporate center, or other eateries.

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Do I need coding skills to use the shopping cart?

No, absolutely not! It's easy to set up the cart, you just need access to your website hosting provider and we'll walk you through the rest. You can get running with just a few clicks.

Do I need a website or can you provide me one?

You can either run your business by directing all your traffic directly to your Meallogix subdomain link, or you can have a full website that directs your traffic to your Meallogix shopping cart. We also have partners for website creation services. Contact your customer success representative for more information.

How do I mask my Meallogix shopping cart subdomain under my business domain URL?

Go to your DNS provider and create a CNAME record pointing to your meallogix subdomain URL

How long does it take to start selling?

Onboarding can take anywhere from 48 hours to 2 weeks. The more organized you are the easier it is to input your data and get your meals live on your Meallogix shopping cart! We also offer data migration services for a low cost. Contact your customer success representative for more information.

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