Power Up With Kitchen OS™ & Sell Meal Prep

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Monthly Subscription Price
Ability to launch your e-commerce meal prep store in under 48 hours
Back-End Kitchen OS™ Features
Shopping List
Prep Lists
Easy Recipe™
Meal Planner
Food Labeling
Discounted Ingredient and Supply Costs
Meal Delivery
Front-End e-commerce & shopping cart features
Meal Subscriptions
Discount Codes
Meal Type Variety
Quick Filters and Tags
Nutritional Information
Multiple Pick Up Locations
Front-End e-commerce & shopping cart features
Insights Dashboard
Recipe Cost Analysis
Store Data Analytics
Advanced Reporting
Front-End e-commerce & shopping cart features
Continuous product releases to enable you to automate, operate, scale, and grow your business
Dedicated Customer Sucess Manager & Support
Other Software
$250+ /mo.
$149 /mo.
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any more questions?
Do I need coding skills to use the shopping cart?

No, absolutely not! It's easy to set up the cart, you just need access to your website hosting provider and we'll walk you through the rest. You can get running with just a few clicks.

Do I need a website or can you provide me one?

You can either run your business by directing all your traffic directly to your Meallogix subdomain link, or you can have a full website that directs your traffic to your Meallogix shopping cart. We also have partners for website creation services. Contact your customer success representative for more information.

How do I mask my Meallogix shopping cart subdomain under my business domain URL?

Go to your DNS provider and create a CNAME record pointing to your meallogix subdomain URL

How long does it take to start selling?

Onboarding can take anywhere from 48 hours to 2 weeks. The more organized you are the easier it is to input your data and get your meals live on your Meallogix shopping cart! We also offer data migration services for a low cost. Contact your customer success representative for more information.